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Step 2: Get Prequalified To Buy A Home


Getting prequalified is the first and perhaps most important step on the way to becoming a homeowner. Getting prequalified may not be as difficult as you might think. CASH NOW can help buyers with credit scores of less than 600.home-buying-processMany of our buyers have credit scores as low as 580. We provide unique solutions that can open the door to a new home for you.

Once your are prequalified, we will have a better idea of what we can and cannot do when it comes to finding you a home. Once we determine what program or programs you are eligible for, the process can really become an enjoyable one.


Rapid Rehabilitation Credit Program

If you do not prequalify for a loan, CASH NOW can still help. Our team of specialists can restore your credit to a score that gets you qualified. Some services take months, even years to restore your credit score. We have unique solutions that can dramatically impact your credit score in as little as 30 days. CASH NOW works with a local lender who specializes in helping buyers with credit scores in the 580-600 range. In some cases, buyers need a quick credit repair just to get back up to the 580 range. At CASH NOW, we take immediate action to get our buyers eligible.


Unique Programs

Once you are prequalified, CASH NOW will find a program that works for you. One type of program is the USDA Program. This program is offered through the Department of Agriculture and offers 100% financing. This government-backed program is one of the better ones available to buyers. Even if you are not eligible for this program, CASH NOW will find one that works for you.


We Pay Your Closing Costs

CASH NOW’s unique system enables us to pay all of our buyers’ closing costs. Sometimes those costs could reach as high as $8,000. Our relationships with our lenders and the fact that our prices are under market value enables us to always to cover the cost of closing. Our buyers will never have to dip into their bank accounts at the time of closing.


Solutions That Work!

Once we find out your budget and how much you can afford, it’s time to go house hunting. You don’t need impeccable credit to own a home. CASH NOW can help buyers with poor credit find a quick solution that will have them on the fast track to getting prequalified and owning their very own home.


Ready To Get Started?

It all starts with a phone call to our Buyers Hot line to 717-779-1188. or or fill out the contact form below so we can get you prequalified today. Click to go back to our 5 step house buying process or continue reading to get more information on step 3 of the home buying process.

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